News Jul 20, 2021

Next Day Delivery: How a Jacobs Team is Helping to Bring COVID-19 Supplies Across India

The Hindan Air Station team has been working around the clock to keep the base and the C-17 aircraft running so it is able to collect COVID-19 supplies from around the world and deliver them to India.

COVID Supplies to India

During COVID-19, the Jacobs team at Hindan Air Station in Ghaziabad, India, has been working around the clock to keep the C-17 aircraft site operational. Their assignment right now, supporting the Indian Air Force (IAF) Humanitarian Mission in providing COVID supplies from around the world to people across India.

Since 2016, the team has been supporting the operations and maintenance of the Hindan Air Force Station, making sure critical infrastructure is running 24/7. Currently, with our help, the C-17 aircraft team is tasked with retrieving COVID supplies and delivering them to those in need.

Despite the incredible work of all involved, the team has faced many challenges. Of the 94 staff currently stationed at Hindan Air Station, until lockdowns are lifted, only 13 are embedded on-site. This means with a limited amount of people; everyone must pitch in to get the job done. When a pipe cracks or the power goes out, every team member, including project leaders, engineers, drivers, and even house staff, jump in to make sure the station can continue running and the IAF C-17 operations are not disrupted.

On top of maintaining critical infrastructure, Jacobs continues to be awarded new projects. In May, we received a task order to complete the equipment X-Ray Room lead lining project in the C-17 Dual Bay Hangar. Even with a limited staff, the team installed five tons of lead sheets on the roof. The team had to carry 100-50 kg (110 lbs) rolls of lead up seven flights of stairs, across the roof, remove pavers, and reinstall the roof pavers over the lead.

“It was a great teambuilding exercise,” says Jacobs Program and Project Lead Ken Schneider. “I’m privileged to work with the level of integrity and caring our team demonstrates for each other and their work.”

This type of teamwork is what continues to drive this team as they overcome any obstacle.

“When the lights come on at night on the airfield, it’s because we are here working, doing what needs to be done, and I think that’s what represents Jacobs,” says Ken. “We don’t just deliver, we deliver with enthusiasm, pride, and purpose in our work.”